EntertainmentJulia Roberts faced criticism in the studio after her answer

Julia Roberts faced criticism in the studio after her answer

Juli Roberts in the BBC studio
Juli Roberts in the BBC studio
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6:46 PM EST, December 5, 2023

Unforeseen scenes unfolded during a BBC program featuring Hollywood stars Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks, and Timothee Chalamet. The renowned actress revealed her favorite soccer team, sparking a strong reaction from the audience.

Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks, and Timothee Chalamet were guests on a program hosted by the revered British presenter, Graham Norton. The conversation ranged on various subjects, sports being one of them.

The host inquired the celebrated actress about her preferred soccer team at one point during the discussion. Without any second thoughts, Roberts responded that she supports Manchester United. This was not very well-received by the studio audience, who responded with substantial boos.

"Give me a break, you won’t sway me from this," the actress responded to the audience, smiling.

A little later, Julia Roberts provided more insight into her support for the famous "Red Devils". The actress expressed that she is a genuine fan of the team and has visited Old Trafford, the United stadium, in the past.

Photographs verifying her statements were showcased on the studio screens. In the first, Roberts poses with United's star, Marcus Rashford, and in the second, she is seen with the club's coach, Erik ten Hag.

Roberts also recounted how her patronage of Manchester United commenced. It transpired that her children, who are avid soccer fans, play a significant role in this.

"I have three children. When they were really little they began to play soccer and watch it on television. So, I watched it with them. Before that, I didn't recognize how exciting it was. And we somehow got drawn into it, and our favorite club eventually became Manchester United," Roberts narrated.

Tom Hanks also divulged his favorite soccer team. The esteemed actor stated that he favors Aston Villa, where Matty Cash plays. He admitted that the name of the Birmingham team piqued his interest.

"The first time I was in England, I woke up early in the morning and saw the soccer results on the BBC. All the clubs had odd names. And then I came across: 'Aston Villa drew 1:1'. Aston Villa? It sounds like a charming little place," Hanks recalled, leading to an eruption of laughter from the studio audience.
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