LifestyleJulia Nawalna vows to uphold late husband Aleksei Navalny's legacy

Julia Nawalna vows to uphold late husband Aleksei Navalny's legacy

Julia Nawalna shared a photo of her husband's grave
Julia Nawalna shared a photo of her husband's grave
Images source: © Instagram | yulia_navalnaya
10:33 AM EDT, March 27, 2024

Julia Nawalna has declared her determination to continue her late husband's work. It's been over 40 days since his passing, and the widow has been actively sharing memories of him on social media. She also recently posted a photo of Navalny's grave.

Aleksei Navalny was a prominent Russian opposition figure known for his criticisms of Vladimir Putin. These criticisms led to years of repression by the authorities. On February 15, 2024, news broke globally of Navalny's death in a high-security penal colony, where he had been placed following a court sentencing.

According to prison officials, Navalny collapsed after a walk and could not be revived despite attempts at resuscitation. Later, the Russian TV channel RT attributed his death to "a blood clot detachment," although this explanation is met with skepticism by many. The opposition figure was laid to rest on March 1 of the same year at the Borisov Cemetery in Moscow, attracting large numbers of mourners to his funeral.

Julia Nawalna shares a photo of her husband's grave

Julia Nawalna, in a message shared on social media, vowed to persist in her husband's cause. "I will continue to fight for our country and call on you to stand with me," she stated a few weeks ago.

Julia often commemorates her late husband on social media; recently, she shared an Instagram story featuring a photo of his grave. A few days back, she posted a photo on platform X, showcasing how people continue to lay flowers at Navalny's grave, covering the monument almost entirely.

Julia Nawalna celebrates her son's birthday with a family photo

Marking her son's 16th birthday, Julia Nawalna shared a heartwarming family photo, capturing a moment with her husband and children.

"Happy birthday, my dear. You are our joy, pride, and love. You are the brightest, most responsible, and resilient. And always quick with a joke, just like your father. Be happy, no matter what. I love you deeply," she posted on Instagram.

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