EntertainmentJulia Fox comes out as lesbian, fans show strong support

Julia Fox comes out as lesbian, fans show strong support

Julia Fox reveals her orientation
Julia Fox reveals her orientation
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10:54 AM EDT, July 10, 2024

Julia Fox, who dated Kanye West, has come out of the closet. The actress shared this information on TikTok, reacting to a viral video posted by a TikTok user.

Actress Julia Fox, known for her role in the movie "Uncut Gems" and as a former partner of rapper Kanye West, caused a stir on social media by revealing her sexual orientation. It all started with a TikTok posted by Gracin [@emgwaciedawgie]. In the video, the TikToker jokingly states:

Julia Fox revealed that she is a lesbian

Julia Fox, who regularly shares her thoughts with fans on TikTok, decided to respond to this video by creating a "Stitch" reply to another user's video. The actress showed a clip of Gracin's video, then confessed:

Problems with sex and openness to new experiences with women

Julia Fox dated Ye for a while after his split from Kim Kardashian. Their relationship was short but intense, drawing the attention of the media worldwide. The actress is also the mother of three-year-old Valentino, whose father is her ex-husband, Peter Artemiev.

Fox's coming out was met with positive reactions. Many people supported her and Gracin, who contributed to the actress’s coming out. Interestingly, Julia, who once worked as a dominatrix, recently revealed that she hadn't had sex in over two years because it stopped being fascinating for her.

These difficulties might have stemmed from the wrong choice of partners. However, it is not unlikely that now, having revealed that she is a lesbian, she will open up to new experiences, this time with women.

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