SportsJules Kounde turns heads with daring fashion choice at training camp

Jules Kounde turns heads with daring fashion choice at training camp

Jules Kounde surprised with his style in France
Jules Kounde surprised with his style in France
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11:33 AM EDT, May 31, 2024

Jules Kounde has a unique style of dressing. Upon arriving at the French national team's training camp, he showcased another surprising outfit.

Arriving at the national team's camp is a fashion show for football players. Later, the players change into identical tracksuits with sponsor logos, ending the time for self-expression through clothing.

Jules Kounde was previously known as a fan of extravagant outfits. His outfits generate as much buzz as his play on the field.

This time, the French defender appeared in high-heeled shoes. He paired them with dark glasses, a leather booklet, and an orange tie. Jules Kounde also brought a Louis Vuitton bag.

Jules Kounde has been a player for FC Barcelona since 2022. The Frenchman previously played for Girondins Bordeaux and Sevilla FC.

On June 25th, Jules Kounde and two of his new teammates from FC Barcelona—Frenkie De Jong and Robert Lewandowski—should meet again in Germany. This time, however, they will be on opposing sides. France, the Netherlands, and Poland are in the same group for Euro 2024, accompanied by Austria.

If the defender is as striking on German stadiums as he is on the way to the national team's camp, the French will greatly benefit from him. The World Cup runners-up will be strong contenders for victory in Euro 2024 in June.

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