NewsJournalist laughs as Russians are urged to eat more

Journalist laughs as Russians are urged to eat more

The expert tells the Russians... to eat more. The journalist couldn't stand it.
The expert tells the Russians... to eat more. The journalist couldn't stand it.
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4:46 PM EST, December 6, 2023

Russian propaganda alternately incites fear and laughter, perpetually commanding amazement. This time, the former head of the Ministry of Economic Development suggests a unique solution for Russians to enhance their country's economy: eat more. The proposed strategy is intended to substantially boost the economic situation in Vladimir Putin's domain.

Despite allocating vast funds for its conflict with Ukraine, Russia seems to fall short in improving the life quality of its citizens. A video circulated on social media by politician Anton Heraszczenko shows a man outlining a plan for enhancing the country's economic health.

"How can an average Russian contribute to the country's economy right now?" a journalist asked Alexei Ulyukayev, the former head of the Ministry of Economic Development.

"Well, consume more food. Spending in this sector aligns with proper consumer behavior in these circumstances," Ulukayev suggested, a response that prompted the journalist to burst out laughing.

Interestingly, another approach to replenish Russia's dwindling budget involves imposing a tax on exceptional profits of large enterprises. It's noteworthy that this tax targets companies outside the wealthiest realms of the Russian oil and gas industry.

Will Vladimir Putin continue as President?

No forthcoming changes seem to be on the horizon in Russia. Vladimir Putin has announced his candidacy for re-election in the presidential elections of March 2024, which would extend his rule until at least 2030.

At 71 years old, Putin's tenure in the Kremlin surpasses the duration of all other Russian leaders since the era of Stalin. As per anonymous sources who spoke to Reuters, Putin is all set for re-election, with his advisors currently laying the groundwork for his campaign.

Insiders report that an announcement on Putin's election participation is imminent, although this is expected to be merely a formality.

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