EntertainmentJohn Travolta embroiled in lawsuit over sneaker scandal at San Remo

John Travolta embroiled in lawsuit over sneaker scandal at San Remo

John Travolta was sued by the organizers of the San Remo Festival.
John Travolta was sued by the organizers of the San Remo Festival.
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11:04 AM EDT, May 9, 2024

Do you recall when John Travolta's "duck dance" at the Festival in San Remo became an internet sensation, causing worldwide laughter? It seems like a distant memory now. However, a few months later, the incident resurfaced, bringing no joy to the movie star who had unsuccessfully attempted to remove the video from the internet. Now, he's facing legal action from the event organizers.

Back in mid-February, we reported on this peculiar situation. As a guest at one of the oldest song festivals in Europe, dating back to 1951, in San Remo, Italy, John Travolta was first seen dancing on stage with host Amadeus, a well-known radio and television presenter. Later, he was encouraged to move through the audience to the rhythm of John Badham's iconic "Saturday Night Fever." In a scene that quickly went viral, Travolta, looking visibly uncomfortable, danced out of the theater, accompanied by people in duck costumes and two men wearing "duck" hats, performing the so-called "duck dance" to everyone's amusement. Despite efforts, Travolta couldn't stop the video's online spread, a realm where control is far less feasible than television.

John Travolta faces a lawsuit from San Remo organizers over his shoes

The awkward moment resurfaced globally after nearly three months, dragging the actor back into the unwanted spotlight. However, This time, the controversy isn't about the "duck dance" but the white sneakers he wore.

According to Dire news agency, RAI (Radiotelevisione Italiana), the Italian public radio and television broadcaster, has accused Travolta of violating contract terms, breaching fair competition laws, and acting unprofessionally. The bone of contention is his white sneakers with a visible logo, which is deemed inadvertent advertising. Considering the festival's vast Italian viewership, this posed a significant issue.

"Through his actions, he sought to exploit the publicity of his performance," remarked RAI's general director, Roberto Sergio, to a parliamentary committee on RAI affairs. As a result, the broadcaster is seeking compensation for its losses and damage to its image, which will affect Travolta's entire fee for his appearance.

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