EntertainmentJohn Cena's 'Freelance' tanks despite VOD success on Amazon Prime

John Cena's 'Freelance' tanks despite VOD success on Amazon Prime

John Cena - contemporary action cinema hero
John Cena - contemporary action cinema hero
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5:38 AM EDT, April 1, 2024

John Cena, formerly known as an American wrestler, is making strides in Hollywood despite starring in movies that have not fared well with critics. His recent "Freelance" project is now gaining traction on Amazon Prime Video.

During its release period at the end of October last year, a critic from "Hidden Remote" expressed a harsh viewpoint: "This type of production should never make it to theaters. ‘Freelance’ is a cheap imitation of ‘The Lost City’ starring Sandra Bullock. It’s a romantic, tropical action-comedy that’s not only lacking in class but also incredibly tedious. The boredom sets in from the fifth minute and lasts until the end."

On the other hand, Nick Rogers from the "Midwest Film Journal" remarked that "Freelance" "appeals solely to ardent John Cena fans. The movie mirrors a desolate, barren landscape that will likely disappoint viewers, presenting a wasteland devoid of merit."

"While Cena might have found success as Peacemaker and seems to fit in the ‘Fast and Furious series, his acting limitations are glaringly obvious in 'Freelance,' making the viewing experience exhaustive. The silver lining might be that it’s unlikely for him to feature in a film worse than 'Freelance.' There’s no going lower from here," noted a critic from "Decider."

A theatrical flop

"Freelance" proved to be a disaster at the box office. Despite a budget of $40 million, including promotional expenses, the film earned a mere $9 million globally. Years ago, such a setback could have prompted Cena to contemplate retirement. However, streaming services have changed the game, with their audience paying little heed to critical reviews.

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