NewsJoe Biden wants to allocate 60 billion dollars for Ukraine. "War is always costly"

Joe Biden wants to allocate 60 billion dollars for Ukraine. "War is always costly"

Joe Biden wants to allocate 60 billion dollars for Ukraine. "War is always costly"
1:41 PM EDT, October 23, 2023

US President Joe Biden has announced that he will ask Congress for an additional $60 billion to aid Ukraine. “The amount stated by the Americans is at the same time both a lot and a little. War is always very costly,” assessed Mykhailo Podoliak, the head of the administration of the president of Ukraine.

According to Mychajlo Podolak, Ukraine will "analyze" this amount once the "appropriate resolutions and decisions of the parliament" are made — reports

- It's very good that Biden is talking about numbers. However, we must wait until the appropriate decisions are made," he said. He added, "War is always very costly, especially of such a huge scope."

- We have 1118 miles of border, 808 miles where fights are taking place directly. There has never been such a frontline – he said in an interview with Channel-24.

The head of the Ukrainian president's administration also reminded that a great amount of equipment and people are involved in the conflicts. That is why, in his opinion, the amount stated by the Americans is "simultaneously a lot and a little". The words of the Ukrainian government representative may be surprising.

Russia spends 35 percent of its budget on war

According to Podolak, Ukraine is currently being forced to spend a significant part of its budget on financing the army. This limits the possibility of funding some social programs.

— If we want to win the war with a country that everyone was afraid of just yesterday, a country whose army was considered perhaps the largest, at least from a numerical point of view, then these amounts must be 60 billion dollars or more for us to fight effectively. This is a war for the future, for the principles of the world in which we will live — he emphasized.

He reminded that Russia is currently spending 35 percent of its budget on war. That amounts to approximately 11 trillion rubles, which are being spent directly on the war.

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, the total amount of aid to Ukraine from the United States has amounted to $66.2 billion, of which $43.1 billion is military aid, $20.5 billion is part of economic support, and the remaining $2.6 billion is humanitarian aid.

We recently wrote that the launch of additional aid for Ukraine may be hindered by the opposition of the American Congress, which is already fed up with financing Kyiv.

Especially, Republicans from the conservative-libertarian faction, closely associated with former President Donald Trump, are opposing this.

Ultimately, it is uncertain how much money from the new package being considered by the White House will go to Kiev. Even more so, considering that according to "The New York Times" and CBS Television, Israel has also asked the White House for equipment worth 10 billion dollars, including artillery ammunition 155 mm, as well as additional missiles for the Iron Dome air defense system, including JDAM kits and systems that turn unguided aerial bombs into precision bombs.

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