EntertainmentJoan Collins is 90 years old and she enjoys her fifth marriage. Sex is fundamental

Joan Collins is 90 years old and she enjoys her fifth marriage. Sex is fundamental

Joan Collins is 90 years old.
Joan Collins is 90 years old.
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7:24 AM EDT, October 18, 2023

Joan Collins, the famous Alexis from "Dynasty", has been divorced four times. Her first husband raped her before their wedding. She only found joy in the relationship, including in the bedroom, with her current partner, Percy Gibson. When she was making a name for herself in Hollywood, he wasn't even born yet.

Joan Collins' acting career began in the early 50s. She was hailed as the second Elizabeth Taylor. Interestingly, she could have played the title role in "Cleopatra," but only if she slept with the producer. She did not take up this offer. She has many film roles to her credit, but she will go down in history as the nasty Alexis from the series "Dynasty".

The actress's career was as turbulent as her personal life. She had romances with Marlon Brando, Warren Beatty, and Harry Belafonte, among others. She was married five times. Her first husband was fellow actor Maxwell Reed. When they went on a date, he was 31 years old, and she was still a teenager and a virgin. The man got Collins drunk in his apartment.

- I was 17 years old, but mentally I was at the level of a 12-year-old. We didn't have any sex education then. I had never seen a penis until I was raped. My mom later told me that men only want one thing, and she was probably right - she recalled in a conversation with "The Guardian".

The actress married Reed because she was raised with the principle: "If you have sex with someone, they should become your husband". She quickly went through the school of life and matured. She left her husband after four years when Reed decided to become her pimp. He offered influential people in the film industry $13,000 (rounded from original 10,000 pounds) for a night with his wife. Additionally, he wanted to witness these intimate encounters.

The next three marriages of Joan Collins also turned out to be failures. In 2000, while working on the play "Love Letters", she met Percy Gibson, who was the producer of the show. She knew he was 32 years younger than her, but she couldn't resist the feeling. They got married two years later. Finally, she found a soulmate.

"I kissed many frogs before I found my prince. The old saying proved true: 'Men are like buses, if you wait long enough, the right one will come along'" - she wrote in her diaries "The World According to Joan".

When asked about the details of her happy relationship, Collins joyfully confesses that her current husband brings her a cup of coffee to bed every morning and, before he goes for a run, leaves her a love note under the kettle. But that's just one component. In the Valentine's edition of the British show "Loose Woman", she revealed another treat.

- Sex, sex, sex. Percy is the best lover I've ever had - stated the star.

However, what Joan Collins said to "The Guardian" seems to be key.

- We have been married for so many years, but when I look at him, in the other corner of the room, my heart still leaps - confessed the actress.

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