EntertainmentJessica Alba returns to acting with thrilling Netflix debut

Jessica Alba returns to acting with thrilling Netflix debut

"Trigger Warning" is set to premiere on June 21
"Trigger Warning" is set to premiere on June 21
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9:48 AM EDT, May 22, 2024

Jessica Alba has been a millionaire for years. Her business provides her with a multimillion-dollar fortune, so she doesn't need to act in movies or TV shows. However, the actress has finally decided to act again.

Jessica Alba was once one of the most recognizable actresses in the world, an idol for millions of teenagers, and a star admired by many viewers. She was very young when her career in show business took off. The TV series "Dark Angel" and the movie "Honey" sparked interest in her. Then came "Into the Blue" and "Fantastic Four." When Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller invited her to "Sin City" in 2005, she had the chance to prove she wasn't just another pretty face. She starred in action films ("Machete," "Machete Kills"), horrors ("The Eye"), and romantic comedies ("Valentine's Day").

In 2019, she appeared in two productions: the movie "Killers Anonymous" and the TV series "L.A.'s Finest." Then she "disappeared." For the past five years, Alba has avoided film sets. It's hard to blame her; her company is valued at over $300 million. But after these few years, Jessica longed to return to her roots.

Jessica Alba in Netflix's "Trigger Warning"

Netflix has published the trailer for a new action movie. "Trigger Warning" tells the story of Parker, a former Special Forces agent who struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder after her experiences in combat. She returns to her hometown to take over her father's bar business. Suddenly, her father loses his life. Parker doesn't believe it was an accident. She thinks a dangerous local gang linked to a local politician, Senator Swann (played by Anthony Michael Hall), is behind her father's death.

The subplot intensifies the story involving Parker's ex-boyfriend, Jess (Mark Webber). Are her former partner and the senator's son friends or foes?

Judging by the first trailer, it looks like good fun for fans of light and not entirely logical action movies. Jessica Alba runs around with rifles, fights two criminals hand-to-hand in a hardware store, jumps into a flaming abyss, and more. The "Trigger Warning" trailer was viewed 160,000 times on YouTube in a few hours. You can see for yourself how it looks. "She totally disappeared! I wondered if she would ever come back to acting," and "Our star is finally back!" wrote Internet users.

Will it be a hit? One can expect that Jessica Alba's return to action cinema and streaming productions will attract massive interest, and Netflix might boast another hit. Five years of Alba's absence from cinema and global TV took its toll. Will she return to acting for good?

Let's recall that in 2012, the actress and Christopher Gavigan founded "The Honest Company." As one of the first stars, she focused on creating her business based on the then-nascent eco-products segment. She started selling diapers, body creams, and other products. By 2014, her company was valued at a billion dollars.

In 2022, Alba became the creative director of Honest. At that time, it was reported that her annual salary was $700,000 and that she had shares worth $1.5 million. In April of this year, she stepped down from her position. Various sources today state that she boasts a fortune of $100 million.

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