SportsJeremy Sochan's new tattoo certainly leaves an impression

Jeremy Sochan's new tattoo certainly leaves an impression

Jeremy Sochan during training
Jeremy Sochan during training
Images source: © Instagram | Jeremy Sochan

7:12 PM EDT, May 9, 2024

On the NBA Tattoos profile, a photo captures Jeremy Sochan's back, showcasing a large and intricate tattoo.

Since 2022, 20-year-old Jeremy Sochan has played for the San Antonio Spurs. After being selected in the draft, Sochan made a bold entrance into the NBA, quickly establishing himself in the premier basketball league. However, an injury cut his season short in March.

With next season in mind, Jeremy Sochan focuses on recovering from his leg injury. The Spurs player also recently completed a back-covering tattoo. Although not his first tattoo, it stands out as the largest and most complex.

Zac Lefty Colbert, the tattoo artist behind Sochan's work, shared insights about the tattoo with the NBA Tattoos Instagram profile. He recounted a discussion with the Spurs player about the tattoo's inspiration.

"Spoke to Jeremy and he explained the piece saying, "So I got inspired by this one painter I saw in a gallery and his painting showed a woman giving birth and holding up her kid while there was two midwives above like guarding/protecting them. And all my life, woman have been very supportive and significant in my life, my mum, aunties and grandmas always took care of me," we read.
"the doves represent compassion and love, the woman/angel is holding the key to life, the two faces are like midwives/protectors, and then of course the mother with the baby. And then the bull is my sign so yeah the whole back is like about life in a way," Colbert quoted Jeremy Sochan as saying.

Jeremy Sochan's tattoo has drawn significant attention, as is typical for spectacular pieces. A tattoo enthusiast from a young age, Sochan has adorned much of his body with this form of art.

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