LifestyleJennifer Lopez reignites sheer trend with sensuous transparency at 'Marry Me' premiere

Jennifer Lopez reignites sheer trend with sensuous transparency at 'Marry Me' premiere

Jennifer Lopez wrapped in a ribbon
Jennifer Lopez wrapped in a ribbon Instagram/jlo
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8:15 AM EST, January 29, 2024, updated: 4:41 AM EST, March 7, 2024

Is it possible to look sleek and elegant in sheer clothing? Absolutely. Despite being the result of weeks of laborious work, hand-sewing sparkling gems onto light material, it proved well worth the effort. One can only describe Jennifer Lopez's dress, which she chose for the movie "Marry Me" premiere, as spectacular.

Jennifer Lopez sparkled with luxury

The star adorned herself with glittering diamonds from head to toe. The dress, trailing on the floor and reaching up to her neck, was entirely composed of small accents that must have taken days, if not weeks, to embroider.

She didn't hold back on the stunning jewelry either. Earrings in XL size and Hollywood diva style further enhanced her status as a major star. Yet, the styling remained sophisticated and light, thanks to the choice of material and color.

Sheer taken to a new level

The sheer trend has been growing year by year, but recent months have seen an influx of see-through dresses which, let's admit it, have started to become monotonous. However, Jennifer Lopez put a unique spin on the sheer trend.

The light, translucent, and luxurious silk chiffon served as the backdrop for the rich ornaments. In a nude color, it demonstrated a more subtle character and a natural appeal. In this context, it also acted as a veil for what lied beneath, which was truly fascinating.

The surprise element

Jennifer Lopez audaciously ignored conventions. Not only did she opt for a yellow color, a deviation from her usual choice, but she also tied a bow where one might not expect. The yellow ribbon under the dress served as an effective element of surprise, carefully veiled by the nude chiffon - a creative decision greatly appreciated by her fans.

"I love this outfit! The bow under the dress is intriguing."

"This look is out of this world."

"You've outdone yourself."


"You surprise us each and every time."

"I'm speechless," they wrote.

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