EntertainmentJennifer Lopez promotes her brand, showcasing ultra-toned legs

Jennifer Lopez promotes her brand, showcasing ultra-toned legs

Jennifer Lopez advertises alcohol with her beauty.
Jennifer Lopez advertises alcohol with her beauty.
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7:29 AM EST, November 11, 2023

The Latin beauty, Jennifer Lopez, has released another advertisement for her brand of alcoholic beverages. She's seen cavorting amongst party guests and showing off her toned legs in a gorgeous dress with a thigh-high slit. This has left fans a bit mystified, as Lopez's current partner, Ben Affleck, is a well-known former alcoholic.

Jennifer Lopez is a brand unto herself. She commands a fan base that spans practically every inhabited continent. She first made waves when she starred in the film "Selena" in 1997, a role that earned her a Golden Globe nomination. Multiple acting and stage successes followed. Today, she is one of the most admired and recognized women in the world.

Besides being a talented dancer, actress, and singer, Lopez has also proven herself as a successful businesswoman. Among other ventures, she owns her own lines of perfumes, shoes, and clothes. She is also the producer of the reality show "DanceLife". For some time, she ventured into the culinary industry, even owning a restaurant in South Lake, California.

A while back, Jennifer Lopez decided to try her hand at another business venture. Earlier this year, she launched her own brand of potent beverages. On Thursday, she unveiled an advertisement promoting new flavors of her alcoholic products.

Despite the cooling fall temperatures, Jennifer Lopez donned a summery, airy dress that accentuates her figure. The lime-colored number amplifies her svelte silhouette, and a thigh-high slit reveals her toned legs.

In the video, we see the singer casting playful glances at the camera as she descends a stone staircase. Its endpoint is revealed to be a sun-drenched veranda overlooking the ocean, where people as attractive as Jennifer herself are socializing. Although she has mentioned sporadic alcohol consumption in interviews, the star is seen pouring herself a drink with a radiant Hollywood smile before making a toast.

Jennifer's foray into the alcohol industry has sparked debate amongst her fans. Especially since, earlier this year, her partner Ben Affleck spoke openly about his battle with alcoholism in interviews. Given Affleck's history with rehab, many consider Lopez's new business venture somewhat of a faux pas.

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