EntertainmentJennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's marriage on thin ice over mismatched lifestyles and work stress

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's marriage on thin ice over mismatched lifestyles and work stress

Ben Afleck and Jennifer Lopez
Ben Afleck and Jennifer Lopez
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1:14 PM EST, January 12, 2024

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are one of the most high-profile couples in the global entertainment industry. The stars gave their relationship another chance, causing quite a stir in the media. But despite appearances, not everything seems to be going smoothly.

As many may know, both the singer and the 51-year-old actor are known to be passionate individuals, which could lead to recurrent arguments. While every relationship has its challenges, usually kept private, Lopez and Affleck have occasionally allowed their emotions to spill over during public events.

Rumors about problems in their marriage surfaced long ago. Foreseeing that the relationship may not stand the test of time, journalists' predictions seem to be teetering on the brink of being accurate.

A close source states that the couple is going through a significant crisis. The bone of contention appears to be Lopez's lifestyle, with which Affleck does not seem to be very comfortable. At the commencement of their relationship, they both agreed that they had learned from the past missteps that had led to their earlier split. Jennifer promised she would refrain from discussing her romantic affairs publicly.

Later, it emerged that the celebrity did not uphold her promise. On February 16, she released an album, "This Is Me… Now", extrapolating from her last album, "This Is Me… Then". Both albums drew inspiration from her relationship with Ben. A movie with the same title, which serves as a sort of Jennifer’s autobiography, is slated for release later this year. Affleck is also involved in its production.

The entire scenario appears to be overwhelming Affleck, according to a family friend.

"Jennifer often shares intimate details of her life, which has kept her relevant for 30 years. (...) While Ben tries to support this, it seems to be taking a toll on him." - disclosed a source.

Ben is also working alongside Jennifer on creating a movie titled "Unstoppable: The Anthony Robles Story". A source revealed that working closely with his wife is causing additional stress for the 51-year-old. Consequently, he has reportedly taken up smoking cigarettes again.

"He'll need a break when they finish this movie. As far as I know, Ben wishes for his next project to be something to work on independently", stated the source.

Despite the growing tension between the pair, Jennifer is determined to mend their relationship.

"It's not just about avoiding a fourth divorce, which would be humiliating her. Lopez truly believes that Ben is the love of her life. (...) It's their first year of marriage, and they still have a lot to understand about each other, but both are trying. Jennifer will do everything she can to save this marriage," - revealed a family friend.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe that the relationship between Lopez and Affleck will weather this challenging period?

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