EntertainmentJennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck spark fresh divorce rumors with estate sale

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck spark fresh divorce rumors with estate sale

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck selling their estate in Beverly Hills?
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck selling their estate in Beverly Hills?
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7:07 AM EDT, June 11, 2024

Rumors about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's alleged divorce are not dying down. Media reports suggest the couple is selling their grand estate in Beverly Hills, which they purchased together after their wedding. The actor even showed up at his beloved's home, where they discussed matters for several hours.

There has been talk about things not going well in Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's marriage. Although the couple is doing everything to silence the circulating media rumors, the informants' reports do not exactly favor their situation. One could even say that we have learned more than we wanted.

Lopez and Affleck selling the estate? They were "caught" meeting

For several days, tabloids have been speculating whether Lopez and Affleck will decide to sell their shared estate in Beverly Hills. Remember that they bought it after their wedding to build their love nest there. Unfortunately, as People claims, they haven’t lived together for some time. Jennifer lives in their grand villa, while Ben works on the set of a new movie and stays in another house.

According to our source, Lopez and Affleck are selling the estate in Beverly Hills, where they have lived since June 2023. Their representatives in the media do not comment on the matter - we read.

TMZ claims they have even involved a broker to sell the property, for which they supposedly want around $65 million. New reports from Page Six have also added fuel to the fire. They claim Ben appeared at their shared home for four hours and then drove off in his black Mercedes. Paparazzi, of course, snapped a picture of him behind the wheel. It’s hard not to notice that he looked pretty troubled.

What were they discussing? Only those involved know, but it’s possible they were discussing the details of the divorce. For now, Lopez consistently wears the proof of their eternal love as an opulent ring on her ring finger. On the other hand, Affleck has been seen in public both with and without his wedding ring.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
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