EntertainmentJennifer Lawrence debunks plastic surgery rumors: Credits makeup magic

Jennifer Lawrence debunks plastic surgery rumors: Credits makeup magic

Jennifer Lawrence always looks great on the red carpets.
Jennifer Lawrence always looks great on the red carpets.
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8:33 AM EST, November 29, 2023

Jennifer Lawrence has recently been faced with frequent insinuations about undergoing plastic surgery. Contrary to these allegations, she emphasizes that the magic lies in makeup, which, according to her, can do wonders. Indeed, at 33, Lawrence never fails to impress with her radiant appearances.

Born in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1990, Lawrence earned her first acting credits at 17 in the comedy series, "The Bill Engvall Show", which aired from 2007-2009. Within three years, she received her first Oscar nomination for her leading role in "Winter's Bone" by Debra Granik. However, she had to wait until 2012 to clinch the top prize for her performance in "Silver Linings Playbook" by David O. Russell. By this time, she already had prominent roles in "X-Men: First Class" by Matthew Vaughan and the melodrama "Like Crazy" by Drake Doremus.

Lawrence achieved massive fame through her four-part role in "The Hunger Games" series from 2012-2015. Apart from continuing in the blockbuster movie series "X-Men", she also picked roles in more artistically inclined projects like "Mother!" by Darren Aronofsky. More recently, she starred in the delightful comedy "Good Boys" by Gene Stupnitsky, which gained recognition mainly because Lawrence revealed... all her charms.

Her Transformation in the Public Eye

The brief outline of her career indicates that Lawrence is an immensely active and diligent actress who has been consistent over the last 15 years. Changes in her image, including the unavoidable skin aging, are continuously under public scrutiny. Yet crossing the 30-mark is far from disastrous. As can be seen from her peak physical condition not just at 33, but throughout.

In the recent months, Lawrence has often been suspected of enhancing her beauty through plastic surgery. However, in a conversation with Kylie Jenner, the renowned Katniss Everdeen firmly refuted these claims. She sympathized with the experiences of celebrities who grow and evolve in the public eye.

“I started my career at 19, and I see ‘ before and after' pictures from ages 19 to 30, and I think to myself: 'I grew up. I lost my 'baby face', and my face changed because I'm aging. Everyone thought I had a nose job, but my nose is exactly the same. My cheeks have reduced'" reported Fox News quoting Lawrence.

The Magic of Makeup

Star of "Joy" by David O. Russell, Lawrence admits that she has never considered plastic surgery due to her fears. She attributes her perfect appearance solely to makeup and the right hairstyle. Yet, this did not prevent her from facing many public gaffes, where she often has the spotlight.

Lawrence declares that she didn't improve anything about her appearance.
Lawrence declares that she didn't improve anything about her appearance.© Getty Images | 2023 Gotham

"I think it's amazing what makeup can do because I work with Hung [Vanngo, a New York makeup artist known for his celebrity clientele]. He accentuates the lips, and I credit him as a plastic surgeon because in the past few months, everyone is convinced that I've had an eye operation"– Fox News quotes Lawrence.

She humorously remarked that she feels sorry for men who can't utilize makeup to enhance their appearance, so "they're stuck with what they have".

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