LifestyleJennifer Aniston adds an unusual ingredient to her oatmeal. This trick satisfies her hunger for hours

Jennifer Aniston adds an unusual ingredient to her oatmeal. This trick satisfies her hunger for hours

Jennifer Aniston adds an unusual ingredient to her oatmeal.
Jennifer Aniston adds an unusual ingredient to her oatmeal.
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10:13 AM EDT, September 28, 2023, updated: 9:20 AM EDT, October 5, 2023

She is 53 years old and has a perfect figure. Perhaps it's because of this that Jennifer Aniston has been recognized for years as an authority in the field of healthy lifestyle and diet. Her fans have often recreated her favorite recipes and drew inspiration from her nutritional routine. Speaking about her favorite breakfast, the actress revealed that she adds egg protein to her oatmeal. Why?

Known from numerous film productions such as: "Women Want More", "Mouth to Mouth" and TV series: "Friends" and "The Morning Show", Jennifer Aniston is considered one of the most beautiful actresses in the world. The star dazzles with her appearance at every turn. Fans compliment her figure and often ask about her ways to maintain perfect form.

The star reveals that her motto when it comes to eating is "eat as many organic fruits and vegetables, maintain a low sugar level, drink tons of water". According to her, it's simple but effective.

Oatmeal with egg

Jennifer starts her day by drinking warm water with lemon. She emphasizes that eating breakfast is a very important part of her morning routine. The actress has three favorite dishes. She chooses a healthy smoothie based on almond milk or toast with avocado and egg or oatmeal. Aniston's recipe for cooked oat flakes surprised many people, because the star adds an unusual ingredient to them: whipped egg white.

"- My husband taught me this little trick to get some extra protein! Right before cooking oatmeal, you simply whisk an egg white and add it. It gives it a fluffy consistency that is delicious."

A breakfast rich in protein is good for health

The aim of this procedure is also to enrich the meal with valuable protein, which is good to consume in the first part of the day. It slows down the absorption of carbohydrates, thanks to which the level of sugar in the blood remains constant. This reduces the feeling of hunger and after such a breakfast, we can be satiated for a good few hours.

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