AutosJeep Wrangler plans to go electric by 2028

Jeep Wrangler plans to go electric by 2028

Jeep Wrangler
Jeep Wrangler
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7:58 AM EDT, November 4, 2023

Stellantis' future production plans for Jeep vehicles have come to light amidst negotiations with the United Auto Workers (UAW) union. While these details remain unconfirmed by Stellantis representatives, the information may indicate a significant shift in the company's approach to traditional automotive manufacturing.

First off, according to these unconfirmed details acquired by Motor1 journalists, it seems that the Jeep Wrangler will continue to be produced in its current iteration until 2028, with a 4xe hybrid upgrade scheduled for 2025.

Where things get particularly interesting is in 2028. Reports suggest that Jeep plans to introduce an entirely new, fully electric Wrangler. There are also projections for a range-extended version, made possible through the incorporation of a combustion engine to serve as a generator. If these indications are accurate, this version would likely serve as Jeep's final transition model – harmonizing combustion engine and electric vehicle technology. The reports also propose that the new Wrangler won't be a traditional plug-in hybrid but will instead be designed from the ground up as a battery-powered vehicle.

When considering other popular Jeep models, it appears the Wagoneer is due for a revamp in 2025, with an electric version slated to roll out two years later. As for the production of the Grand Cherokee, it's reportedly set to continue until 2027, following which an advanced version with battery drive and a generator-powered combustion engine will debut.

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