FoodJapanese miso soup: The budget-friendly superfood you need

Japanese miso soup: The budget-friendly superfood you need

Miso soup is an extraordinary dish even by Japanese cuisine standards.
Miso soup is an extraordinary dish even by Japanese cuisine standards.
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10:37 AM EDT, May 28, 2024

Japanese cuisine is considered the healthiest in the world. The key is knowing how to use its benefits without going bankrupt. A way to do this is by regularly consuming miso soup. Why is it worth doing? We explain.

Japanese cuisine should serve as a model for culinary traditions worldwide. The benefits of consuming various dishes from the Land of the Rising Sun are extraordinary, and nutritionists and doctors cannot stop praising them. Only positives? That would be too good to be true. As we all know, these dishes are usually costly. However, there is a simple solution, summed up in two words: miso soup.

Miso soup — cheap, tasty, and very healthy

You can find miso soup in every restaurant serving Japanese cuisine. And although it is usually the cheapest item on the menu, it is probably the healthiest. Sushi is made from heavily sweetened rice, farmed salmon, and low-quality tuna pales. But let's look at this matter from the beginning.

Our protagonist today—miso soup—is made from fermented soybean paste, produced with the help of the famous Koji fungus, Aspergillus oryzae. Although there are many kinds of miso paste, in most restaurants, miso soup is made from the white, slightly sweeter variety. The dish's taste is distinctly salty but contains traces of umami.

Miso for the body

Miso soup's first and most crucial benefit is its high probiotic content. The fermentation processes and the results — which we also know from our Polish pickles — are pure health: positive effects on the intestines, enhanced immunity, and improved digestion.

Additionally, miso soup helps regulate blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The dish contains many vitamins and minerals and has also been studied for its anti-cancer properties. The conclusions? Surprising. Miso soup slows the development of breast cancer and reduces the risk of stomach cancer. According to specialists from Hiroshima University who conducted the study, miso paste with a long fermentation period, extending to 180 days, is particularly beneficial for this aspect of human health. Considering this, it is good to stock up on white and dark miso.

Miso soup may contain various ingredients.
Miso soup may contain various ingredients.© Pexels | makafood
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