AutosJapanese media: Toyota is working on a new MR2

Japanese media: Toyota is working on a new MR2

Toyota Sports EV Concept - illustrative photo
Toyota Sports EV Concept - illustrative photo
Images source: © press materials | Toyota

6:52 AM EDT, October 14, 2023

The car is expected to gain a significantly more powerful engine than originally anticipated.

We have heard not for the first time that Toyota is working on a new sports roadster. However, the initial reports spoke of something like a kei car, created jointly with Daihatsu and Suzuki.

Meanwhile, the Japanese magazine "Best Car," citing internal sources, claims that the MR2 model will return to the market. And it won't be any edition. According to the Japanese, a turbocharged 1.6-liter engine will be fitted under the hood. Yes, the same one found in the GR Corolla or GR Yaris.

An engine with power around 400 HP coupled with rear-wheel drive would certainly provide a lot of fun. There's just one catch — even if the car is made, it will be offered exclusively on the domestic Japanese market.

Either way, the project is shaping up to be exciting. There's nothing left to do but keep your fingers crossed for its development. However, it will not be a quick process — "Best Car" reports that the car won't be on the roads before 2026.

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