SportsJannik Sinner, who just stunned Novak Djokovic at AO, could dance at San Remo festival

Jannik Sinner, who just stunned Novak Djokovic at AO, could dance at San Remo festival

Jannik Sinner after the victory over Novak Djokovic
Jannik Sinner after the victory over Novak Djokovic
Images source: © EPA, PAP | JAMES ROSS
9:36 AM EST, January 26, 2024

Jannik Sinner claimed victory over Novak Djokovic in the Australian Open 2024 semi-finals. The Italian player's command in the first and second sets was particularly striking. Although the match leveled out later, Djokovic could not outdo his younger competitor.

The Italian Davis Cup team's leader is gaining increasing admiration in his homeland. While soccer remains Italy's premier sport, Jannik Sinner's victorious games are drawing an expanding audience.

According to "La Gazzetta dello Sport", Jannik Sinner may perform at the San Remo festival and play in the Australian Open finale this year. Discussions are underway about bringing the musical tennis player to the esteemed event.

Jannik Sinner has not refused the festival organizer's invitation. However, with a tennis calendar packed with activities, the Italian may have to skip the tournament in Marseille or make a quick trip from France to Italy for one night.

Jannik Sinner currently stands as Italy's most adored and closely monitored athlete worldwide. His presence at the festival could boost Sinner's popularity, reaching an audience that does not typically follow tennis. He could showcase his charm, his capacity to interact with the crowd, and perform on camera- as noted in the Italian newspaper.

In the past, personalities like Zlatan Ibrahimović have graced the stage at the San Remo festival. Presently, negotiations are ongoing not only with Jannik Sinner but also with former soccer player Francesco Totti. It's conceivable that the tennis star might share a musical performance with the former captain of AS Roma.

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