LifestyleJane Seymour talked about her new partner. She revealed who set them up

Jane Seymour talked about her new partner. She revealed who set them up

Jane Seymour talked about a new relationship.
Jane Seymour talked about a new relationship.
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2:04 PM EDT, October 17, 2023

Sometimes love needs a helping hand. This is something Jane Seymour has come to learn, who recently boasted about her new relationship. For some time now, the actress has been seeing the vocalist of the band, The Malibooz, John Zambetti. It turns out, their children arranged their first meeting.

Jane Seymour was married four times. However, the actress did not stop believing in love after her last relationship. In an interview with "People", the star talked about how she met her beloved. This information may surprise you.

Jane Seymour showed her new partner

It's never too late to fall in love. Jane Seymour, who some time ago revealed that she is happily in love, has proved this.

The actress recently attended the Wags & Walks charity gala in Los Angeles, where she had the opportunity to chat with journalists who were on site. Seymour spoke about, among other things, the beginnings of her acquaintance with the vocalist of the rock band The Malibooz, John Zambetti.

The celebrity admitted that she and her loved one could count on a little help from their sons in arranging their first meeting.

"It's our children that brought us together. So we don't have to worry now, whether the children approve of our choice" - revealed the actress.

The actress decided to reveal how it happened that their children became the matchmakers in their situation. "His son is a successful rock musician in the band The Palms. And his name is Johnny Zambetti. Meanwhile, my son, Johnny Keach, is also a rock musician".

Jane Seymour talked about a romantic gesture from her beloved

How can a musician win a woman's heart? By writing her a romantic song. This is the gesture John Zambetti decided to make.

His partner, Jane Seymour, admitted in an interview with "People" that her beloved has already created three songs for her up to now. Interestingly, the actress admitted that there may be enough compositions to release an entire album from them.

The actress also makes no secret of the fact that they both take care of the fire in their relationship. Every month, the couple celebrates the beginning of their acquaintance; to fully honor their unique feeling. "At our age, there is no point in waiting for the 50th anniversary"- said Seymour.

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