SportsJake Paul's plane was struck by lightning ahead of the Tyson showdown

Jake Paul's plane was struck by lightning ahead of the Tyson showdown

Face to Face Jake Paul and Mike Tyson
Face to Face Jake Paul and Mike Tyson
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6:16 PM EDT, May 20, 2024

Jake Paul will soon face off against the legendary Mike Tyson. The popular influencer posted a video on social media showing the moment when a lightning bolt struck the plane he was on.

Jake Paul and Mike Tyson will cross the gloves on July 20. The matchup is generating enormous excitement and is often the subject of criticism. This is because the legendary boxer is over 30 years older than his opponent. Moreover, the about will not be an exhibition match. This means it will count towards both fighters' records. The fight is contracted for eight rounds, lasting two minutes each.

A few days ago, a press conference in New York promoted this event. During it, the rivals met face-to-face. Paul's return flight also caused him many emotions.

The influencer posted a short video on Instagram showing his return journey. It showed the plane struggling with severe turbulence. At one point, a lightning bolt was visible outside the window, and Paul himself reported that his aircraft was struck by lightning.

We woke the gods of war - jested Paul - Zeus, I love you, brother - he added moments later when another lightning bolt flashed outside the window.

British "The Sun" reports that Paul was flying in his private jet worth $37 million. Along with him on board was a group of friends and his golden retriever.

The video posted by Paul gained a lot of traction on social media. It is enough to say that within 24 hours, it was liked by nearly 220,000 internet users. Some jokingly referred to the upcoming fight with the legendary boxer in the comments.

Tyson's first punch - read one of the most popular comments.

The fight with Tyson will be Paul's 11th appearance in his career. The influencer has won 9 fights and tasted defeat only once.

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