Entertainment"Jackass" star Steve-O to get forehead tattoo by Post Malone

"Jackass" star Steve-O to get forehead tattoo by Post Malone

Steve-O will tattoo a penis on his forehead
Steve-O will tattoo a penis on his forehead
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4:41 PM EDT, June 11, 2024

Steve-O came up with an exceptionally peculiar idea to celebrate his 50th birthday. The member of the "Jackass" crew revealed that he plans to tattoo a penis on his forehead. The tattooing will be done by none other than Post Malone.

Steve-O, an icon of extreme stunts and the undisputed master of shocking acts, known from the show "Jackass," is preparing for another unforgettable event in his life. He became famous for his courage and willingness to take on various challenges. On his 50th birthday, he intends to add something to his collection of eccentric ideas that will be long remembered in the history of his crazy escapades.

Steve-o turns 50! he'll get his first face tattoo

Recently, the crazy stuntman revealed in an interview with Page Six that he will get his first face tattoo for his 50th birthday. The star of the "Jackass" show asked Post Malone to help him realize this absurd idea. The gentlemen have already agreed that the day after his birthday, the musician will tattoo a penis on Steve-O's forehead.

The comedian added that Post Malone asked him if it would be a "chode". Unfortunately, Steve-O had no idea what he was talking about. For clarification, it means "wider than it is long." Luckily for Steve-O, Malone won't be choosing the size and shape of the phallus tattoo. "I’ve designed it already. It’s been designed," explained the comedian.

Steve-O revealed he plans to get the tattoo at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, Tennessee on June 14th. Post Malone, who will handle the tattooing, will perform there later that same evening as the star of the second day of the four-day festival.

Malone, known for his numerous face tattoos, got a matching tattoo with Steve-O in 2022. The two tattooed each other in the musician's home state of Utah, choosing the "Ghost Malone" design.

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