Tips&TricksItaly's Gubbio lights up world's largest Christmas tree for 30th unbroken year

Italy's Gubbio lights up world's largest Christmas tree for 30th unbroken year

The Italian Gubbio can boast the largest Christmas tree in the world.
The Italian Gubbio can boast the largest Christmas tree in the world.
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3:47 PM EST, December 13, 2023

Gubbio, a picturesque, small Italian tourist town, resides in the beautiful region of Umbria. With a tiny population of just 31,000, the town is swarmed by thousands of tourists during the season. Gubbio prides itself on hosting the largest Christmas tree in the world, recognized in the Guinness World Records.

Contrary to what you might think, this gigantic tree is not actually a living entity. Instead, it's a colossal light installation gracing the slope of Monte Ingino Hill. This hill, one of Italy's most scenic locations, adds to the country's abundance of breathtaking spots.

The world's largest Christmas tree celebrates its 30th year

The world's largest Christmas tree embellishes Monte Ingino Hill, flooding the whole town with light. The installation stands at 2461 feet high and spans an area of 1.4 million square feet. The focal point, a Bethlehem star, covers an impressive area of 107,639 square feet. The tree, composed of 700 sets of Christmas lights, bathes the entire city in a warm glow.

The premier light-up tree was introduced in 1981. By 1991, it was ticking off a new milestone, earning a spot in the Guinness World Record as the most giant Christmas tree globally. For 30 years, this record remains unbeaten. The installation draws hordes of tourists every year. Owing to its vast size, the Christmas tree is visible from any corner of the town. The assembly begins in mid-September every year and draws droves of enthusiastic volunteers.

Best time to marvel at the tree

Gubbio stands among Italy's most stunning cities. Known for its distinctive orange structures, cobbled pathways, and grand, medieval architecture, the town is a haven for architecture enthusiasts and foodies alike. Gubbio houses numerous restaurants offering an array of traditional Italian delicacies. Especially during the Christmas season, it's a spot that's definitely worth a visit. On December 7, a day after St. Nicholas Day, the city officials lit up the famous tree. The tree continues to adorn the town until January 9. This event ushers in a yearly celebration that typically starts with a Christmas market.

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