NewsItaly fines tourists $13k for taking sand from beaches

Italy fines tourists $13k for taking sand from beaches

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1:46 PM EDT, July 4, 2024

Many people choose to vacation in Italy, where they can relax amid stunning landscapes. This country offers a plethora of natural treasures, tempting some to take a bit back to their home country. However, it's better not to do so.

Italians highly value their beaches, even claiming they are the most beautiful in the world! That's why they take great care to ensure tourists do not disturb them.

Nevertheless, many visitors still believe the best souvenirs from Sicily or Sardinia are items like white beach sand, stones smoothed by waves, or colorful shells. Some tourists take these "treasures" with them.

The authorities in Sardinia are trying to counteract this practice. Tourists who decide to take sand from the famous white beaches now face a fine of three thousand euros (over $3,000).

However, this is not the harshest penalty. It turns out that imprisonment is also possible for the theft of public property.

Some might say this is excessive. Nevertheless, local authorities believe such penalties are justified and necessary to combat these tourist practices.

Italy. 88 pounds of sand excavated

Although the ban on removing sand from beautiful beaches has existed since 2017, considerable amounts of this precious material continue disappearing.

In an interview with the BBC, Italian scientist Pierluigi Cocco stated that although "only a fraction" of tourists dig up sand at the beach, it is sufficient to cause significant damage.

He cited the example of a French couple who in 2019 excavated as much as 88 pounds of sand.

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