NewsItalian surgeon's grave error leads to unnecessary amputation and €400,000 lawsuit

Italian surgeon's grave error leads to unnecessary amputation and €400,000 lawsuit

The surgeon mistakenly amputated the penis.
The surgeon mistakenly amputated the penis.
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1:11 PM EST, January 11, 2024

In October 2018, a patient, aged 69, sought help from a urologist's office in Arezzo, Tuscany. The man was visibly experiencing issues with his penis. Instead of performing a necessary palpation, the doctor mistakenly assumed that the swelling was due to cancer.

Erroneous diagnosis results in amputation

On November 13, at San Donato hospital in Arezzo, the doctor proceeded with the penile amputation, thinking he was removing a tumor. Follow-up tests later revealed that the man was suffering from syphilis, the actual cause of his symptoms, which included significant swelling.

This life-altering operation has disrupted the Italian man's existence. Syphilis, which is non-invasively curable, rendered the 69-year-old man sexually incapacitated and made everyday activities, like urinating, difficult. Consequently, he remained out of work for an extended period.

The aggrieved patient has responded by suing the surgeon in two separate legal proceedings. The doctor must answer for the charges of causing serious bodily harm and negligence, which led to the patient's health being impaired while under his care.

The law firm representing the man has maintained his anonymity. No specifics of the victim have been divulged, but it's known that he resides in the Tuscan town of Valtiberina.

A preliminary hearing for the surgeon, charged with inflicting bodily harm, is scheduled for March 9. The ensuing civil trial is slated for mid-September. While the exact compensation amount is yet to be detailed, it is projected to be in the ballpark of 400,000 euros (about $482,000).

The urologist, an andrology specialist known by his initials G.P., is originally from the north. He no longer works at the Arezzo hospital and has since relocated to Milan. As reported by local media, the surgeon had excellent references and was highly regarded in his field before this incident.

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