LifestyleItalian resort town Riccione bans smoking on beaches to curb pollution

Italian resort town Riccione bans smoking on beaches to curb pollution

Cigarette butts on beaches are a huge problem.
Cigarette butts on beaches are a huge problem.
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10:23 PM EST, January 22, 2024

The regulations, which took effect on April 1, are not a practical joke. This new rule aims to prevent pollution of not only the sand but also the sea by cigarette butts, which, unfortunately, are one of the most common types of waste.

A ban on smoking at Italian beaches

The regulation is a result of an agreement between the local authorities and the beach rental and owner industry.

"This decision is aimed at caring sustainably for the environment and ensuring appropriate beach conditions. Ashtrays are provided under umbrellas. However, those who stroll along the sea often discard cigarette butts into the water," said Daniela Angelini, the Mayor of Riccione.

Interestingly, the new rule has received widespread approval. Not just from non-smokers but also from smokers who are equally disturbed by the sight of cigarette butts littered along the coast and in the sand—the same sand where children come to play.

About Riccione

Riccione is a town located in the Emilia-Romagna region, positioned on the Adriatic coast. From Riccione, it's a short journey to places like San Marino, one of the smallest countries worldwide, which is around 15 miles away.

Also nearby is Rimini—the capital of Italian seaside vacations—which boasts beautiful beaches and stunning monuments like the Arch of Augustus. It's worth noting that Rimini too has enforced a smoking ban along its coastline.

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