LifestyleItalian culinary protest in Rome: 'No to cappuccino with spaghetti' and other calls for traditionalism

Italian culinary protest in Rome: 'No to cappuccino with spaghetti' and other calls for traditionalism

Protest at the Trevi Fountain
Protest at the Trevi Fountain
Images source: © X | Repubblica Roma

2:46 PM EST, January 22, 2024

The event organizers hoped to raise awareness among residents and tourists about the vital principles of Italy's culinary heritage.

Protesters' slogans

One noticeable slogan, displayed on banners during the protest, read: "No to cappuccino with spaghetti". This slogan refers to the common habit of ordering these two items together, a practice not recognized in traditional Italian cuisine. Traditionalists consider the combination of these two dishes to be nothing short of blasphemy.

Other notable slogan chanted by the protesters was "Enough with cream in carbonara". This classic Italian pasta dish, renowned for its rich flavor from ingredients like eggs, cheese, and bacon, should not be mixed with cream. Such culinary liberties are deemed unacceptable by traditionalists.

Another protest slogan read: "Chicken with pasta is a crime". The objective was to emphasize the inappropriate mixing of flavors. In Italy, chicken should be served with suitable side dishes but never with pasta.

More on culinary traditions

However, these are not the only issues causing dissatisfaction among Italian traditionalists. According to the protesters, many foreigners often commit the faux pas of ordering cappuccino throughout the day and with meals. As per Italian tradition, frothy cappuccino should only be consumed until noon.

The event at the Trevi Fountain marks another step in the rebellion of Rome's restaurateurs who've decided to uphold Italian culinary customs. Increasingly, they are rejecting customer requests for unusual orders such as a dinner or supper cappuccino.

"Every day, I see many odd adaptations of Italian cuisine. I can't permit this trend to take root in Italy," declared one of the protest initiators.

Will the protest at the Trevi Fountain yield the desired outcome and raise tourists' awareness? Only time will tell if the initiative of these Roman traditionalists will help safeguard the culinary heritage of their nation.

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