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NewsIt was a "lethal" blow. The 23-year-old player is dead

It was a "lethal" blow. The 23‑year-old player is dead

Joao Victor Penha
Joao Victor Penha
Images source: © X | negociodeluta

2:56 PM EDT, October 18, 2023

A tragic event occurred during an amateur fight in Brazil. Joao Victor Penha died in the hospital three days after he fell to the mat.

It was a terrifying moment. An amateur boxer from Brazil, 23-year-old Joao Victor Penha, fell onto the canvas after a punch during a boxing match. Three days later, he passed away in the hospital due to his injuries, according to the British "The Sun".

The tragedy occurred in the 90th second of the duel. Penha, who had an advantage over his opponent from the start, was brutally knocked out. The Brazilian fell backwards after taking a punch to the chin. He was quickly given first aid, after which he regained consciousness.

However, his condition quickly deteriorated. Shortly after the fight ended, he was rushed to the emergency department of a hospital in Jijoca de Jericoacoara in northeastern Brazil (near the city of Cruz).

Sad news came from Sobral Hospital on October 10, where a young man had been transferred. Doctors were unable to save the 23-year-old. Penha died from head injuries. Local media reported that the blow had caused a traumatic brain injury.

A video of the fight was posted on platform X (formerly Twitter). The recording (see below) shows the moment when Penha takes a massive blow.

The family of the young boxer allegedly asked him not to participate in the competition. The winner of the fight received - in conversion - 16 pounds (about $21), and the loser 8 pounds (about $10). In the medical report, we read: "After conducting tests, brain death of the patient was determined, which also led to cardiac arrest."

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