EntertainmentIt takes your breath away. The most spectacular movie of the year

It takes your breath away. The most spectacular movie of the year

Joaquin Phoenix as Napoleon Bonaparte
Joaquin Phoenix as Napoleon Bonaparte
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11:44 AM EDT, October 20, 2023

In the 1970s, renowned director Stanley Kubrick planned to create a grand historical spectacle, with Napoleon Bonaparte as the protagonist. Jack Nicholson was supposed to play the main role. The project failed. 50 years later, Ridley Scott has taken on this challenging project. The new trailer takes your breath away.

Kubrick planned to execute an ambitious production about Napoleon Bonaparte right after the premiere of the film "2001: A Space Odyssey" (1968). In preparation for the project, the director watched all the films and read many books about the man who, at the beginning of the 19th century, wanted to conquer half of the world. He also visited places associated with the French emperor. He wanted to shoot the film in Romania, using the military to gather as many as 50 thousand extras.

The project collapsed due to huge costs. Now a significant portion of extras, decorations, and battle scenes can be generated by computer. Nevertheless, the budget of Ridley Scott's film is still very large. It reached 130 million dollars.

Napoleon - Official Trailer 2 | Apple TV+

There is a month left until the premiere of the cinematic version of "Napoleon" (the film will be shown in our country from November 23rd in Eastern Time). It is finished and waiting for its premiere. However, Scott is still working on expanding the production to include other plots, which will be available on the Apple TV+ streaming platform. The cinematic version will be two and a half hours long, while the streaming version will be over four hours.

The final trailer for "Napoleon" has just appeared in the dormitory. The trailer presents, among other things, battle sequences meant to impress viewers and indeed forebode breathtaking scenes. The incredible atmosphere of the film material is amplified by the famous song "War Pigs" by the band Black Sabbath.

It should be emphasized here, that the creator of "Space Odyssey" wanted to present the emperor of France as a brilliant commander, but also a cruel, ruthless man, the "god of war", whose dictatorship consumed several million victims. In his empire, for example, Napoleon restored slavery, and to suppress the uprising in Haiti, he used, among others, part of the Polish divisions.

Brutal battles in the unfriendly climate and numerous tropical diseases resulted in only a handful of the dispatched legionnaires returning to Europe. This is what the fight for the regaining of Poland's independence looked like alongside Napoleon Bonaparte. One might also question whether he really set a good example for us on "how we should triumph".

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