NewsIt happened on Monday night. China is terrified: "We will do everything we can."

It happened on Monday night. China is terrified: "We will do everything we can."

Attack in the Gaza Strip
Attack in the Gaza Strip
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10:18 AM EDT, October 23, 2023

We present a summary of events from last night. We've gathered a few of the most important ones.

China is concerned about how the consequences of the war in the Gaza Strip are spreading to neighboring territories. According to Beijing, the situation in the Middle East is very serious - reports Reuters, citing Chinese state media. - There is a high risk of the armed conflict spreading to other areas, and the effects in the region and internationally are escalating, "which makes the prospects concerning," - stated Chinese envoy to the Middle East Zhai Jun. He appealed to the international community to maintain "high vigilance in this regard" and take immediate action that would call for "strict adherence to international humanitarian law". Zhai also declared that China is ready to do "everything in their power" to bring about dialogue and a ceasefire.

Palestinian media reported that Israel attacked areas near three hospitals located in the Gaza Strip. The attacks were said to have been carried out by Israeli fighter jets. It was not reported whether the medical facilities themselves suffered damage as a result of the bombing. As reported by Reuters, the Israeli military was said to have struck "near the Shifa and Al-Quds hospitals in Gaza City and near an Indonesian hospital in the north of the enclave", and the director of the latter said that the bombings caused "serious damage and injuries". Reuters was unable to confirm the reports.

United States President Joe Biden had a phone call with Pope Francis. The topic was supposed to be the situation in Israel and the Gaza Strip. As reported by Reuters agency, quoting a White House statement, the phone discussion was about the "need to prevent escalation in the region and work for lasting peace in the Middle East". Biden is said to have condemned the attack by Hamas and appealed for the protection of civilians. The Vatican confirmed that the conversation lasted 20 minutes and "focused on conflict situations in the world and the need to find paths to peace".

The Philippines has called on China to stop provocative actions in the South China Sea, as they may have "catastrophic consequences". As reported by Reuters, Jonathan Malaya, a spokesperson for the National Security Council (NSC), said that China's actions caused damage to one of the boats in Manila, fortunately, no one was injured. In turn, the Chinese coast guard reported a "minor collision" between one of its vessels and a Philippine boat. China was said to be blocking the transport of "illegal building materials" to a warship.

Israel attacked two Hezbollah cells in Lebanon. The attack took place in the early morning. It was an attempt to halt Hezbollah, which had planned to launch anti-tank missiles toward Israel - reported Reuters news agency, citing the Israeli military. As a result of the incident, one Hezbollah militant was killed. One of the attacked militant cells was neighboring the Israeli town of Mattat, while the other was further north, in the disputed Shebaa Farms area.

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