NewsIt got even weirder. The scientist from "alien remains" has issued a statement

It got even weirder. The scientist from "alien remains" has issued a statement

Alleged remains of extraterrestrial beings presented in Mexico.
Alleged remains of extraterrestrial beings presented in Mexico.
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10:57 AM EDT, October 13, 2023

Recently in Mexico, alleged remains of extraterrestrial beings were presented. During a session of the Mexican parliament devoted to unexplained phenomena, one of the guests presented "bodies" of non-human beings extracted in Peru, dating from a thousand years ago. Now one of the researchers who first studied the found remains is questioning these claims.

In mid-September this year, in the Mexican parliament an unusual meeting took place. The parliamentarians of this country met with UFO researchers. One of them was journalist and ufologist Jaime Maussan.

At that time, the man presented desiccated bodies of small beings, which he swore under oath, were unearthed in Peru, are about 1000 years old, are not human and "do not constitute part of our earth's evolution".

According to the information provided by Maussana, the entities were studied by researchers from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

With the help of carbon C-14 dating, they determined that the bodies are about 1000 years old - he said.

According to the ufologist, the beings were not extracted from crashed spacecraft, and approximately one third of their DNA is "unknown".

These are not mummies. These are bodies that are preserved in their entirety and have not been the subject of external manipulation. They have a number of elements that make them truly extraordinary - he said.


However, another ufologist questioned his claims, simultaneously sharing his own theory about their origin.

Will Galison, who was one of the first to investigate the discovered remains, admitted that he doesn't believe this story is a 100 percent hoax. He agreed that the skeletons are about a thousand years old, but suspects they are more animal than alien.

The man suggested, that the three-fingered specimens could have been made from animal remains. He stated that there is an "unusual similarity" between their heads and the head of a small alpaca. In an interview for the UFO Nub TV program, he admitted that he made a cast of one of the "heads" of the skeleton.

My thinking changed when I was at a friend's house in the countryside, north of New York. I then saw a deer skull on the fireplace. And the back of that skull, in my opinion, resembled the front of the skull being studied and I thought: "Oh, wow" - he said.

Other theories

- Of course, it was assembled - the question is, when - he added.

The expert put forth the view, that the Incas might have created these specimens to venerate them as "god-like" figures.

On the other hand, his other hypothesis suggests, that they might have tried to replicate a model of something they encountered.

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