NewsIstanbul nightclub tragedy. 29 dead, explosion suspected cause

Istanbul nightclub tragedy. 29 dead, explosion suspected cause

Powerful explosion in Istanbul. The number of fatalities is increasing.
Powerful explosion in Istanbul. The number of fatalities is increasing.
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7:07 AM EDT, April 3, 2024

In Istanbul, Turkey, a devastating fire broke out inside a nightclub on Tuesday while it was undergoing renovations. Tragically, the fire led to the loss of 29 lives, with seven individuals currently in serious condition, according to medical reports. An explosion before the blaze is said to have ignited the fire.

Istanbul's mayor, Ekrem Imamoglu, provided updates in the afternoon, revealing that the fire directly affected eight people. However, the Daily Sabah website indicates that there are 15 injured individuals, and the death toll has reached at least 29.

Imamoglu confirmed that the fire had been extinguished, and those injured had been transported to nearby hospitals.

The tragic fire in Istanbul following an explosion

The media reports that the fire erupted during the renovation of a nightclub situated in the basement of a 16-story building. The incident occurred around 6:00 AM Eastern Time (1:00 PM local time) in the Besiktas district, in the European part of the city.

The Hurriet Daily News website added that an explosion within the establishment triggered the fire, rapidly consuming the area. The entire building was filled with smoke, leaving people trapped inside.

At this point, the cause of the explosion remains unclear. Ali Yerlikaya, the head of the Turkish Ministry of the Interior, has announced the launch of an investigation to uncover the circumstances surrounding the fire, noting that there've been no indications suggesting the tragedy was a result of deliberate actions.

The club was not open to the public due to the renovations and the observance of Ramadan, which lasts until April 9—an important period in the Muslim calendar.

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