NewsIsraeli siblings freed from Hamas face tragic loss at home

Israeli siblings freed from Hamas face tragic loss at home

The ceasefire and exchange of hostages between Israel and Hamas continues.
The ceasefire and exchange of hostages between Israel and Hamas continues.
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1:21 PM EST, November 28, 2023

Noam and Alma Or, Israeli teenagers, were freed from Hamas captivity after half a century in the Gaza Strip. Upon their return to their homeland, they encountered an unimaginable tragedy. They were informed of their mother's murder in an attack on Kibbutz Be'eri on October 7, while their father had vanished without a trace.

The horrifying journey began a few days prior but had been ongoing for nearly two months. The siblings were freed by Hamas on a Saturday after enduring fifty days of captivity. Upon their arrival home, a second gruesome reality awaited them. Their mother, Yonat, was killed by terrorists, and their father, Dror, disappeared indefinitely.

Noam, 16, and Alma, 13, were granted their freedom on a Saturday, following a ceasefire and a settlement reached between Israeli authorities and Hamas. As part of the agreement, several other hostages detained since October were released in exchange for the liberation of women and children from Israeli prisons. However, the moment of liberation was bittersweet for some.

Noam and Alma lost their mother during the attack on October 7. Their father could also be deceased already.

Upon their release, the siblings were rushed to an Israeli hospital, where their physical and mental health was assessed by doctors. After talking with Shin Bet officers, they finally met their loved ones again. Then, they were hit by tragic news. Their mother had been killed by terrorists during the October 7 attack, and their father had been abducted.

The grim news was broken to the teenagers by their grandparents and older brother, Yali, who was absent on the fatal day of Kibbutz Be'eri's terror attack. The family found it profoundly challenging to deliver the horrific news on the evening of the teens' release, and the siblings were completely unaware of their mother's demise.

There were many tears and lots of pain - the teenagers' ordeal is covered by media worldwide.

Noam and Alma were held captive for fifty days in a house in Gaza. They shared their captivity with another hostage, a 39-year-old woman whose identity was previously unknown. They formed a close bond with her, but unfortunately, she remains in captivity. They also shared insight on their treatment by the Palestinians and the events that transpired before and after their abduction from Israel.

Originally, both were hiding with their parents in a safe room in their home at Kibbutz Be'eri. Hamas militants set their house on fire, forcing them to flee the safe room. Noam and Alma managed to escape through a window, as advised by their parents, but were quickly apprehended by their attackers. They were fortunate enough to escape death and instead were transported by car to the Gaza Strip by eight fighters.

They are really happy to be home - their relatives state, while also emphasizing that both are grieving their mother's death and are struggling with the ongoing national crisis.

Unfortunately, the siblings' mother was not as lucky. Upon her attempts to hide, she was brutally shot by terrorists. Their father's whereabouts remain unknown, but it is believed he was also abducted and is still held captive. The Palestinians treated the hostages well, ensuring they were fed and felt secure.

Fortunately, both are now safely back in their homeland, surrounded by loved ones and essential figures. The government is ensuring their well-being, allowing them to recover in peace. They are anxiously awaiting news regarding their father's fate. Despite a ceasefire and prisoner swap, Hamas only released a portion of the captives: women, children, and the elderly.

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