NewsIsraeli Army Chiefs Reprimanded After Deadly Strike on Aid Convoy

Israeli Army Chiefs Reprimanded After Deadly Strike on Aid Convoy

WCK Convoy after the attack
WCK Convoy after the attack
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6:10 AM EDT, April 5, 2024

The commander of the Israeli army, Herzi Halevi, has decided to issue reprimands to three senior officers, while two others are leaving their positions, according to Israeli media. These decisions come in the wake of the attack on a World Central Kitchen convoy in the Gaza Strip, which resulted in the death of seven volunteers.

These measures by Halevi are part of the ongoing investigation into the attack on the humanitarian aid convoy belonging to the World Central Kitchen organization, which occurred on Monday in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli Channel 14 reports that the positions being vacated include the commander of the Nachal Brigade and a high-ranking officer of the unit. Additionally, reprimands have been issued to other commanders from both the brigade and the 162nd division of the army. Channel 14 also notes that the procedures for authorizing drone strikes are set to be revised following the attack.

Attack on the WCK volunteer convoy

The strike, which led to the death of seven volunteers from the World Central Kitchen in the Gaza Strip on Monday evening, was launched under the suspicion that the convoy was transporting a terrorist, according to "Haaretz". The newspaper, quoting a knowledgeable source, reported that three missiles were launched at the convoy.

The convoy's route and destination were marked, and the Israeli defence forces had been informed to ensure compliance with established guidelines.

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