NewsIsrael warns. This is just the beginning

Israel warns. This is just the beginning

Israel warns. This is just the beginning.
Israel warns. This is just the beginning.
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2:56 PM EDT, October 9, 2023

- The Israeli response will change the Middle East - thunders Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. He announced that retaliatory actions have just begun.

- Retaliatory actions against terrorists from the Gaza Strip are just beginning - declared on Monday the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, in a conversation with the mayors of cities in the south of the country, bordering the Gaza Strip, which so far have suffered the most in the attacks of Hamas initiated on Monday.

The Prime Minister of Israel, quoted by Reuters, stated that "the Israeli response to the unprecedented, multidimensional attack of Palestinian fighters from the Gaza Strip will change the Middle East". However, in his speech, he did not provide any details regarding the scope or scale of the planned retaliatory actions.

According to reports, the number of fatalities from the Palestinian Hamas attack on Israel, which started on Saturday, has already exceeded 700. The number of injured is 2382 people. On the other hand, 560 people have died on the Palestinian side, and over 2900 have been injured. These figures were provided on Monday by the health ministries of both sides of the conflict.

In the afternoon hours, Reuters passed on from the Palestinian authorities that several dozen people were killed on Monday in Israeli shelling of a refugee camp in Jabalia city. Arab media reported at least 50 fatal victims.

The bombing of Gaza by Israel is a response to the attack on that country, initiated on Saturday, conducted by the terrorist organization Hamas governing the Gaza Strip.

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