NewsIsrael: unusual scenes at the airport. This is how they welcome soldiers

Israel: unusual scenes at the airport. This is how they welcome soldiers

Dances and songs at Ben Gurion Airport
Dances and songs at Ben Gurion Airport
Images source: © @visegrad24, Twitter

1:25 PM EDT, October 12, 2023

After the attack by Hamas that began on Saturday, reservists from all over the world are returning to Israel. At the airport, they can expect a warm welcome. In the recording from Ben Gurion airport, we can see that they were greeted by an enthusiastic crowd. The soldiers could feel like real stars.

Israel is a small country, in which reserves have enormous potential, as we could see in recent days. After Saturday's attack by Hamas, within 48 hours, the army called up approximately 330,000 reservists.

On the other hand, on Tuesday, October 10, the AP agency reported, that Israel is conscripting about 360,000 reservists.

Although we are a small country, with a population of just around 9 million inhabitants, we have carried out a mobilization in recent days on par with the United States; In Israel, there isn't a family that doesn't have a member who has been called up to the military - conveyed Doron Spielman, a Major and one of the spokespersons for the Israeli army, in a conversation with CNN on Wednesday.

Warm welcome to the reservists

Young men returning to the country may feel like real stars. Evidence of their appreciation by the inhabitants of Israel is demonstrated by recordings, such as the one that appeared on social media.

We see a crowd that has gathered at Ben Gurion Airport to welcome the reservists. We hear singing and enthusiastic shouts. At one point, the men start dancing.

American media reports about Israeli citizens who, after a Hamas attack, started to massively book seats on commercial airplanes to return to their country. The situation is similar in many European cities.

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