NewsIsrael strikes the Gaza Strip and southern Lebanon

Israel strikes the Gaza Strip and southern Lebanon

In retaliation, Israel attacked the Gaza Strip and the area of southern Lebanon.
In retaliation, Israel attacked the Gaza Strip and the area of southern Lebanon.
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9:48 AM EDT, October 8, 2023

Already over 230 people are reported to have died in the Gaza Strip after Israel's retaliatory action - reported the Palestinian Ministry of Health. The Israeli army announced on Sunday morning (Eastern Time), that it also shelled the area of ​​southern Lebanon from where a mortar attack was carried out on Israeli territory.

Sources in Israeli security services informed Reuters that missiles fired from Lebanon hit an Israeli military position in the city of Shebaa on the occupied Golan Heights. Two of these sources reported that Israeli forces then began shelling Lebanese territory.

"Israeli defense forces are currently attacking an area in Lebanon where the shelling was carried out" - reported the army.

As the Israeli army added, the local defense forces are taking action and "will continue to operate in all regions and at any necessary moment to ensure the safety of Israeli civilians".

Hamas and other Palestinian movements involved in armed struggle against Israel are active in southern Lebanon.

Israeli air raids on the Gaza Strip

After dusk on Saturday evening, Israeli retaliatory airstrikes on the Gaza Strip intensified. As a result of the explosions, several residential buildings were leveled to the ground, including a 46-story tower in the center of Gaza, which, in addition to Hamas's office, contained dozens of apartments.

Soon after, a Hamas rocket attack struck four cities in central Israel, including Tel Aviv, where two people were seriously injured.

On the streets of Israeli cities in the south of the country, bodies of dead civilians and Hamas fighters have been seen. Recordings on social media show, among other things, a kidnapped elderly Israeli woman brought to Gaza on a golf cart, and fighters parading through the streets of the city in captured Israeli military vehicles.

Source: PAP

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