TechIsrael set to double order of advanced F-15EX fighter jets

Israel set to double order of advanced F‑15EX fighter jets

F-15I Ra’am - the Israeli variant of the F-15E is set to be upgraded to a standard similar to the F-15EX
F-15I Ra’am - the Israeli variant of the F-15E is set to be upgraded to a standard similar to the F-15EX
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7:29 AM EDT, June 19, 2024

After the United States, Israel also wants to order the latest version of the F-15, the F-15EX aircraft. Although the original plan was to order 25 units, Israel aims to acquire twice as many of these machines.

Israel is one of the users of F-15 aircraft. The Air Force uses these machines in several versions: F-15A, F-15C, and F-15I.

Another variant may soon join them. Independently of its order for 5th-generation multi-role aircraft, the particular F-35 variant (F-35I Adir), Israel is still ordering 4th-generation machines, specifically the F-15.

F-15EX – unmatched fighter jet

Though this design is over 50 years old, it remains unmatched in many respects. Despite its age, it still outperforms newer aircraft in terms of payload and speed.

These parameters translate into the performance of its weaponry – tests have shown that of all American aircraft, the F-15EX can engage aerial targets at the most incredible distances. The air-to-air missile launched from this airplane, the AIM-120 AMRAAM, flies the furthest, influenced by, among other things, the aircraft’s altitude and speed at the time of missile launch.

The 50 F-15EX units Israel wants to acquire have been valued at $18 billion. However, the transaction has not yet been confirmed due to opposition from several congressmen who are against exporting new weapons to Israel because of the country's actions in the Gaza Strip.

The F-15EX is formally classified as an air superiority fighter. Due to its vast payload capacity, exceeding 31,000 pounds, and its ability to strike ground targets, it is, in practice, a multi-role aircraft capable of engaging both aerial and ground targets.

Electronic stealth properties

The aircraft does not have structural stealth features, but low detectability and electronic warfare capabilities can be achieved through additional equipment modules, such as the EPAWSS.

Thanks to these, the F-15EX can disrupt hostile radars without sacrificing a large payload of weaponry, as stealth aircraft do. With AMBER multipoint launchers, one F-15EX can carry as many as 22 AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles or 28 GBU-39/B SDB guided bombs, making it a record-holder among multi-role aircraft.

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