NewsIsrael responded to the Hamas attack. A Palestinian woman showed how it really looks like

Israel responded to the Hamas attack. A Palestinian woman showed how it really looks like

A Palestinian woman described what is happening in the Gaza Strip.
A Palestinian woman described what is happening in the Gaza Strip.
Images source: © Instagram | byplestia

10:40 PM EDT, October 10, 2023, updated: 2:13 AM EDT, October 11, 2023

In response to Hamas' attack, Israel retaliated by bombing the Gaza Strip. Attacks are ongoing from both sides. A Palestinian woman living in the Gaza Strip showed on social media what the reality looks like for those who did not immediately decide to evacuate. In the background, you can hear explosions and the sound of sirens warning of an attack.

Plestia Alaqad is a young Palestinian journalist who lives in the Gaza Strip. As we learn from a recording published on Tuesday (October 10th) morning on social media, most of the Palestinian's neighbors had time to evacuate.

There are only a few people left on site, including a woman's family (ultimately - as it appears from another recording - the journalist's family also decided to flee).

A Palestinian woman filmed herself on Monday (October 9th) hiding from bombs falling outside her window. She explained that, she and her neighbors would gather in their homes "away from the windows".

Neighbors, who also did not evacuate (like me), have their windows cracked open... the family is gathering in a place away from the windows... - reported the woman.

At one point, she turned the camera, to show the surrounding area, which was covered in thick dust after the explosions.

In the following recordings, the Palestinian woman informed that she has been cut off from power and internet (apparently temporarily, as she posted the recording on social media) and showed footage of the destruction in the vicinity of her home.

Bloody response to Hamas attack

In the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, air raids from Israel are underway. This is retaliation for a massive attack by Hamas.

Let's recall - on Saturday early in the morning, Hamas attacked Israel: Rockets were launched into the country, and Hamas fighters invaded cities and kibbutzim, slaughtering defenseless civilians and taking hostages.

Today (October 10) the Israeli army reported that it has "more or less" regained full control over the border with the Gaza Strip. The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs reported that Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip destroyed approximately 790 buildings and damaged 5330. Over 400,000 residents do not have access to water.

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