NewsIsrael recalls diplomats from Turkey following Erdogan's remarks

Israel recalls diplomats from Turkey following Erdogan's remarks

Erdogan's harsh words about Israel
Erdogan's harsh words about Israel
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2:56 PM EDT, October 28, 2023

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan openly supported Palestine in a rally in Istanbul, stating, "Hamas is not a terrorist organization, but Israel is an occupier." In response, the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs has commanded all diplomats to depart from Turkey.

Erdogan continuously laid blame on the West for the violence in Gaza, stating, "The main culprits of the massacre in Gaza are Western forces."

He criticized Western leaders for expressing sorrow over the Ukrainian civilian deaths while seemingly ignoring the casualties in the Gaza Strip. He related the scenario to the Christian crusades against Islam.

Erdogan condemned, "Israel has overtly committed war crimes for 22 days. Yet, Western leaders fail to advocate for a ceasefire or present any response."

Erdogan reiterated his support for Hamas, underscoring that "Israel is an occupier."

Israel's reaction

Israel was incensed by these statements. "Considering Turkey's severe remarks, I commanded all diplomatic delegates to leave the country to reevaluate the Israel-Turkey relationship," stated Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen.

On October 7, Israel was attacked by Hamas from the Gaza Strip, and a rapid response from Tel Aviv ensued. The ensuing three-week conflict led to more than 9,000 casualties, the majority of which, almost 8,000, were residents of the Gaza Strip.

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