NewsIsrael proposes aid: Incubators sent to Al-Shifa Hospital

Israel proposes aid: Incubators sent to Al‑Shifa Hospital

Israel wants to help. They are sending incubators to Al-Shifa Hospital.
Israel wants to help. They are sending incubators to Al-Shifa Hospital.
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3:26 PM EST, November 14, 2023

The Israel Defense Forces offered to deliver incubators for premature babies to Al-Shifa Hospital on Monday night, according to "The Jerusalem Post." By Tuesday morning, the military was "currently coordinating the transfer of incubators from a hospital in Israel to the Gaza Strip".

Daniel Hagari, the Israeli army spokesman, publicly offered evacuation assistance for the children. "The army remains committed to upholding moral and professional obligations to distinguish between civilians and Hamas terrorists," he stated, assuring that soldiers are prepared to "cooperate with any credible intermediary" in providing help.

"The Jerusalem Post" reported a recording of a telephone conversation between an Israeli officer and the director-general of Al-Shifa Hospital. In the conversation, the officer offered to deliver incubators and assist in evacuating children and patients from the hospital.

The Israeli army clarified that "our war is directed at Hamas, not the people of Gaza." The Israeli newspaper recalled that the proposal for evacuation took place after the Hamas-controlled health ministry reported that two infants died in an incubator due to fuel shortages at the hospital.

Earlier today, the Israeli army reported on digital platform X, that they were "currently coordinating the transfer of incubators from a hospital in Israel to the Gaza Strip". The post featured a photo of a soldier loading incubators into a vehicle.

Commentators suggest this move may facilitate the evacuation of newborns from the largest hospital in Gaza.

It is uncertain whether the hospital will accept the incubators. Late Saturday night, Israeli soldiers delivered 79.25 gallons of fuel in canisters to Al-Shifa Hospital. However, Hamas refused to allow the hospital administration to accept it.

Hamas base underneath the hospital

Israel has often asserted that Hamas hides behind civilians, installing its tunnels, launchers, and weapons stores underneath civilian structures, like hospitals or mosques.

According to the Israeli authorities, beneath Al-Shifa, the largest hospital in the Gaza Strip, are tunnels that serve as command centers, weapon stores, and Hamas fighter units. A U.S. administration source told CNN that Hamas has established a command center beneath the hospital and uses fuel designated for the hospital.

On Monday, the Israeli army, after assuming control of another pediatric hospital in Gaza called Al-Rantissi, reported finding "Hamas infrastructure underground" within the facility. The weapons discovered included "explosive belts, grenades, AK47 assault rifles, and rocket launchers," stated Hagari. He added that the hospital had served as a base for Hamas terrorists, who "returned from an attack on October 7". This was evidenced by a motorbike riddled with bullets, which "had been used by Hamas terrorists during the attack on October 7".

On Monday, Reuters reported that the Israeli army was already at the entrance of Al-Shifa Hospital. According to Palestinian authorities, the hospital has been inactive since Saturday due to a power supply shortage.

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