NewsIsrael is destroying the Gaza Strip. Hundreds killed, thousands injured

Israel is destroying the Gaza Strip. Hundreds killed, thousands injured

Israel is destroying the Gaza Strip. Hundreds killed, thousands injured
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5:57 AM EDT, October 11, 2023

Over 200 targets in the Gaza city region were attacked by Israeli aircraft overnight Tuesday to Wednesday, according to military sources. During the night, alarm sirens sounded in Israeli settlements near the border with the Strip. Israel is preparing for a ground offensive.

The Israeli side asserts that the places from which rockets are launched at Israeli territory were being attacked.

Palestinian media reports of significant damage. They report that Israeli planes methodically razed one area after another to the ground. People are found under the rubble of collapsed buildings.

The home belonging to the father of Mohammed Deif, the commander of Hamas' armed wing, was reportedly destroyed. Deif's brother and other family members are said to have been killed.

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip has released data, according to which so far, at least 900 people have been killed, and 4600 have been injured in the Strip.

Over 1000 victims on the side of Israel. The fate of the kidnapped is unknown

Israeli media has reported the number of fatalities in Israel to be over 1000. According to the Israel health ministry, over 2900 people have been injured, and over 500 are hospitalized.

Most of the victims are civilians shot in their homes, on the streets, or at open-air events.

Hamas is holding a certain group of Israeli civilians and soldiers hostage and has warned that for every house destroyed without warning, it will execute one of them. However, as Reuters reports, there is currently no information that it is fulfilling this threat.

Israel is preparing for an offensive

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant announced on Tuesday in a speech to soldiers that following the aerial offensive, a ground offensive will ensue. - We have begun an aerial offensive, and later we will attack from the ground. The offensive will only intensify - he said.

Overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday, President Biden had a phone conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, assuring him of U.S. support and military aid. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who is heading to Israel on Thursday, and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, also conducted conversations with their counterparts.

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