NewsIsrael has called a special unit. They have an important task

Israel has called a special unit. They have an important task

Israel has called a special unit. They have an important task
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8:46 AM EDT, October 23, 2023

A special unit will deal with the elimination of Hamas commanders, specifically those responsible for the invasion, murder, and kidnapping of concert attendees and civilian residents of settlements, located near the border with the Gaza Strip. Israel has assigned a specially created formation for this task.

Mossad and Shin Bet, Israeli intelligence and counter-intelligence services, have created an operational center named Nili. Its main task is to identify and eliminate members of Nukbhy, a special unit of Hamas. Tel Aviv claims that this group is responsible for carrying out the attack.

Wanted terrorists from the top of the most dangerous list

From October 7th, at least 10 members of this group were killed during operations conducted by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). These operations took place in the Gaza Strip, where the IDF was attacking Hamas targets - according to the Times of Israel portal.

Among those killed, however, were not the two primary targets: Muhammad Deif and Jahaya Sinwar. Since 2015, both have been on the American list of most wanted international terrorists, and they are currently also at the top of the Nili list.

Hamas claims that it is "not afraid"

- Hamas terrorists have a choice: unconditional surrender or death. There is no third option - stated a few days ago by Israel's Defense Minister, Yoav Galant. A Hamas spokesperson responded to these words, assuring that the organization "is not afraid".

According to experts cited by the portal, both wanted terrorists are likely hiding in the tunnels beneath the Gaza Strip. Their elimination could seriously weaken Hamas, but it would not completely destroy the organization.

Experts speculate that Hamas already has a contingency plan for the potential loss of these two key members.

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