NewsIsrael has announced a state of readiness for war. Sudden mobilization of reservists

Israel has announced a state of readiness for war. Sudden mobilization of reservists

Hamas fighters on the streets of Sderot. A column of smoke over downtown Tel Aviv.
Hamas fighters on the streets of Sderot. A column of smoke over downtown Tel Aviv.
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5:01 AM EDT, October 7, 2023

On Saturday morning, alarm sirens could be heard in southern and central Israel. Rockets fell on several cities, including Tel Aviv - there are fatalities and injuries. At the same time, Hamas fighters from the Gaza Strip conducted a raid on a border town.

In the morning, dozens of rockets launched from the Gaza Strip appeared over southern and central Israel. As reported by the "Times of Israel", they fell among other places on Ashkelon, Tel Aviv, and its suburbs. Alarm sirens could also be heard in Jerusalem and Be'er Sheva.

According to local services data, as a result of shelling, one person was killed and 15 were injured.

Hamas Raid on Sderot

At the same time, in the city of Sederot, bordering the Gaza Strip, Palestinian fighters appeared in cars. Recordings of them driving around the city streets have surfaced on the internet.

Currently, clashes are occurring on the city streets between Hamas fighters and the Israeli army. Authorities have ordered residents on the border with Gaza to stay at home.

"Hamas will pay a high price"

"Hamas conducted an operation that included the firing of rockets and terrorist infiltration into the territory of the state of Israel," we read in the Saturday statement of the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

"The Israel Defense Forces will protect the residents of the State of Israel, and the terrorist organization Hamas will pay a very high price for this," the statement further reads.

The Israeli army has also announced a state of readiness for war. Meanwhile, Defense Minister Jo'aw Gallant has ordered a wide-scale mobilization of reservists.

Hamas calls on Palestinians to rise up

On Saturday morning, Hamas military commander Mohammed Deif issued a statement in which he called the morning attack on Israel a "day of great revolution".

He called on Arabs living in Israel to rise up. Moreover, he appealed to countries neighboring the Jewish state to join the fight.

Source: Times of Israel

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