NewsIsrael continues assault on Hamas. Aircraft carrier enters the Mediterranean

Israel continues assault on Hamas. Aircraft carrier enters the Mediterranean

Here is an American aircraft carrier. It entered the Mediterranean Sea.
Here is an American aircraft carrier. It entered the Mediterranean Sea.
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10:33 AM EDT, October 28, 2023

Israel and Hamas are persistently engaged in conflict. The US, siding with Israel, has now dispatched a second aircraft carrier to the Mediterranean Sea. This move is made in anticipation of a situation where the ongoing conflict might expand into a wider area of the Middle East. The USS Dwight Eisenhower has recently entered the Mediterranean Sea waters.

The American National Security Council spokesperson, John Kirby, revealed on Thursday, October 12, that the aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower, accompanied by a strike group, will soon be deployed to the Mediterranean region.

Kirby emphasized that while the aircraft carrier's deployment is part of long-planned maneuvers, it provides an additional safeguard. If required, it can support the USS Gerald Ford's strike group. This aims to prevent Israel's adversaries from engaging in the conflict.

On Saturday, October 28, 2023, "Intel Slava Z" shared information that the USS Dwight Eisenhower has arrived in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Its current position can be monitored via the "" website.

The current circumstances in the Gaza Strip are particularly challenging. During the night of October 27-28, communication networks, including internet and mobile phones, were shut down in the area by Israel. Consequently, Palestinians found themselves isolated, unable to communicate. Additionally, electricity, fuel, water, and medical supplies are severely scarce in the region.

On October 7, the Hamas strike from the Gaza Strip resulted in the highest Israeli death toll since the 1973 war between Israel and the Syrian-Egyptian alliance. The ongoing conflict, which has lasted for 21 days, has claimed the lives of approximately 1,400 Israelis and over 7,300 Gazan residents.
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