NewsIslamic State's thwarted plot: Deadly attacks on Swedish and Dutch consulates in Istanbul

Islamic State's thwarted plot: Deadly attacks on Swedish and Dutch consulates in Istanbul

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Illustrative photo
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10:37 AM EST, January 24, 2024

Shortly before information revealed that the Turkish parliament ratified Sweden's request to join NATO, foreign media reported that the Islamic State is utilizing Turkey as a base for its operations in Europe. Fighters were preparing to attack the consulates of Sweden and the Netherlands in Istanbul, seeking methods to "increase the number of fatalities". Additionally, they planned assaults on churches and synagogues. The planned attacks were to be the terrorists' response to the Quran's burning in Stockholm.

The Prosecutor's Office in Istanbul has charged a total of 18 individuals. These individuals are citizens of Turkey, Dagestan (who came from Russia), Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Azerbaijan - ISIS fighters in Istanbul had made their base here. Turkish investigators found that one of the accused was also active in the ISIS organization in Ukraine.

Plans for deadly attacks on the consulates of Sweden and the Netherlands

As per the findings of Turkish investigators, Islamic State fighters disguised themselves as tourists and conducted surveillance around the consulates. They took photographs, recorded videos to prepare for the operation.

Reports suggest that three defendants were responsible for the attack plan on the Swedish consulate. Equipped with suicide belts, Kalashnikov rifles, and hand grenades, they intended to infiltrate the building. Thankfully, a terrorist's message was intercepted by the police, thwarting the attack in time.

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