NewsIslamic Jihad leader killed; Israel faces protests for ceasefire

Islamic Jihad leader killed; Israel faces protests for ceasefire

The Israeli army announced the killing of an Islamic Jihad commander.
The Israeli army announced the killing of an Islamic Jihad commander.
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9:17 AM EDT, May 5, 2024

A key leader of Islamic Jihad, implicated in numerous attacks on Israel, including the assault on October 7th at Kibbutz Sufa, has been confirmed deceased by an Israeli army spokesperson. The militant was killed during an airstrike in the Gaza Strip's southern region.

The governance of the Gaza Strip by Hamas, in collaboration with factions such as Islamic Jihad, staged an armed intrusion into Israel on October 7, 2023. This incursion led to approximately 1200 fatalities, predominantly civilians, and around 240 individuals were abducted.

The Hamas-led Ministry of Health in Gaza reports that over 34,000 Palestinians have perished in the retaliatory actions taken by Israel up to the present.

"Aiman Zaarab, a commander of the Rafah Islamic Jihad Brigade, orchestrated the assault by Islamic Jihad forces on Kibbutz Sufa and the nearby military post during the massacre on October 7th. Zaarab and two other Islamic Jihad militants present in his operational apartment were neutralized in the airstrike," reported the Israeli forces.

Protests in Israel: Thousands take to the streets

In Tel Aviv, thousands of Israelis rallied on Saturday, urging Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to agree to a ceasefire with Hamas. This agreement would ensure the release of the remaining hostages taken by Hamas in the October 7 attack.

The demonstration in Tel Aviv coincided with ongoing ceasefire and hostage release talks in Cairo. Relatives and friends of the more than 130 hostages still in captivity emphasized the necessity of doing all that is possible to ensure their return during the protest.

"I am here today to advocate for the agreement," stated Natalie Eldor. "We must retrieve all the hostages, both the living and the deceased. It's time for a government change. This conflict must come to an end," she continued.

The protest was scheduled ahead of Holocaust Remembrance Day, Yom HaShoah, which is observed on May 6 this year, marking the seventh month of the Gaza conflict amidst escalating global demand for an end to the hostilities.

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