NewsISIS claims attack near Moscow; Russia alleges Ukraine ties

ISIS claims attack near Moscow; Russia alleges Ukraine ties

"Specific Jew". Shocking words of Pieskowa
"Specific Jew". Shocking words of Pieskowa
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3:22 PM EDT, March 27, 2024

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks in Moscow, yet Russia is determined to link them to Ukraine. When Dmitry Peskov was questioned about how Islamic radicals could be associated with Kyiv, given President Zelensky's Jewish heritage, he suggested that Zelensky is "a specific kind of Jew" who "shows sympathy towards the nationalist movement."

It's likely that several reports from Russian media and officials are untrue. These reports could be part of Russia's information warfare effort.

On Friday, terrorists targeted the Crocus City Hall concert venue in Krasnogorsk, near Moscow. They opened fire on the crowd and detonated explosive devices, sparking a fire that led to the building's roof collapsing. The attack resulted in 139 deaths and 182 injuries.

The Islamic State's Khorasan province claimed responsibility for the attack. Russian authorities have stated that they have captured four individuals connected to the incident, confirming that they are not Russian citizens.

On Tuesday, a journalist questioned Peskov on how Islamic extremists could have ties to Ukraine, especially under a Jewish leader.

- "Well, there's a specific Jew who largely aligns with and shows appreciation for the nationalist movement that has infiltrated the leadership in Kyiv," responded the Kremlin spokesperson.

What is ISIS's involvement in Russia? "A deep focus on combating jihadism" is evident.

The Moscow attacks and Putin's reaction

Despite Ukraine's firm denials of involvement, Russia persists in trying to link the terrorist act to Ukraine.

On Saturday, Vladimir Putin made a special announcement. He vowed that all those implicated in the "bloody and barbaric attack" would face punishment. Reiterating information from the Federal Security Service, he mentioned the detention of 11 individuals and highlighted that "four perpetrators headed towards Ukraine," where apparently arrangements had been made for them to cross the border.

Meanwhile, the Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack in Russia. "The attack is a result of the ongoing war between the Islamic State and nations opposed to Islam," reported Amaq, a news agency linked to ISIS.

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